Alia Sahar

After six years belly dancing, I finally decided to take an artistic name.  The name I chosen is Alia Sahar, which means Beautiful Desert.  I identify myself with the desert, the nomadic life, to be like the wind, and finding beauty in much unexpected places. … Read More


Malfuf is one of the Arabic rhythms used in raks sharki.  You can listen to it at the beginning, the middle and at the end of a musical piece.  The belly dancer usually uses the malfuf to mark her entrance.

Arabic Rythms: Ayoub

Learning Arabic rhythms is very important for raks sharki dancers. Knowing and understanding the Arabic music will help when you are creating new choreographies and to improvise.  You cannot dance whatever just to dance.  When we dance, we are interpreting and representing the rhythm visually. … Read More