Mohamed Ghareb

Mohamed Ghareb es bailarín y maestro de folclor egipcio. Inició en la danza sufi y tanoura hace 14 años con el Grupo Al tanoura de Egipto, siendo el principal bailarín y uno de sus más importantes miembros. Luego paso a crear junto a otros grandes… Read More

Aida baladi performance

Aida is a Russina dancer who from a young age felt in love with the oriental dance when she saw a bollywood group performed. She studied with masters like Tito,  Yousri Sharif, Aida Nour, Tatyana Fedyayeva (Nour), Marianna Smirnova-Seslavinskaya, Farida Fahmi, Saida and  Zaina among… Read More


In Egypt is called Masmudi Kabii and it represents the happiness of a country, the strength of life.  The baladi transmits a lot of feelings, not only when you listen to it but also when you dance.  However, baladi is not a rhythm; it’s the… Read More


Maksoum is a 4/4 rhythm and its maybe the most recognized of the Arabic rhythms.  The word maksum means divided or cut in half.  The maksum is the root for many oriental pieces and is usually found in the beginning of songs.  In classical Arab… Read More