Shopping for belly dance accessories

Pulseras de bronce del Sol de la IndiaOn Sunday, I went to Sol de la India at el Dorado.  The place is huge and you can buy accessories for belly dance.  Sometimes is hard to find accessories right here in Panama, but Sol de la India is a good option.

They have a good selection of bronze bracelets, ethnic necklaces, bindis, and I found henna tattoos that can be used on your hands or feet.

Also, they have hip wraps with coins, belly dance skirts, Hindi skirts, of course, and even top and skirt combos with pallets that can save you in a jiffy.  And they have the beautiful tunics that are trendy right now.

At el Sol de la India they have elements that you can use in your dance like swords, even do they looked a bit rusty, and belts that can be the base to make your own hip wrap.

And if you love do your decoration with a touch of mysticism and oriental flavor, this is paradise.


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